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How to Increase Projector's bulb Life-Best Tips to Projector's lamp care 2019

How to Increase Projector's bulb Life-Best Tips to P...

From LEDs to Lasers, all projector lamps have an expected lifespan. In today’s segment, we’ll be looking at all the different types of projector bulbs and their expected lifespans. We’ll also be talking about how to extend this life expectancy and get the most out of your projector bulb. And if your lamp is acting up, no worries; we’ve also included the telltale signs of a dying projector bulb as well as a guide on how to change your own projector lens. Welcome to the ultimate guide to understanding and improving the operating time of your projector bulb.

 Why do you need a smartphone projector?

 Why do you need a smartphone projector?

Recently, we were introduced to what is called a phone projector. This invention has taken the world by storm and has made the smartphone experience even better. With your smartphone, you can now watch your favorite movies and videos without having to strain your eyes by squinting to see through the small screen. These portable projectors for iPhone can amazingly magnify your images and videos to just the right size that will leave you completely impressed.
How to Choose a Projector Screen in 2019?

How to Choose a Projector Screen in 2019?

Often when people get their first projectors, they are stoked and forget to invest in a projector screen as well. The few that do remember choose to skip buying one to save money. Instead, they use a free wall instead. Now while it’s true that a high-quality home theater projector screen will ramp up the initial set up for a home theater projector set up, it’ll also improve the picture quality and the overall theater experience. Therefore, investing in a projector screen is essential. With that said, let’s get into the projector screen guide.