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2018 Best Projectors Under $100- Mini Projector Review

Watching a football game over the weekend, a movie or playing your favorite video game is better when it’s on HD display. But let’s face it HD; displays like LED TVs are expensive. And unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of spending a fortune on a TV. Luckily, you don’t have to cripple your bank accounts. There is another option – a high-quality cheap mini projector under $100 or less. The list we’ve compiled is based on numerous reviews and comparison tests.
Understanding Projectors: Glossary of Common Terms

Understanding Projectors: Glossary of Common Terms

We all want to communicate a message. And what better way to pass a message than with a projector? Projectors have come a long way. Today, they sport high-end technologies which allow them to project high-quality imaging with fine details. All colors are accurately calibrated to convey the intended message to a private or massive audience.
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Alphas New Projector before 2019

If you have been looking for the best mini projector, worry not, the new arrivals will surprise you. One particular mini projector that you should definitely consider owning is the Elephas RD606 MINI Projector. This is not just your everyday projector. It has amazing specifications that indeed places it ahead of the pack. Try it out and see how amazing it is. Some of the best features it possesses include.