2019 New Tendency to Mini Movie Projector

by HX LEE on September 16, 2018

2019 New Tendency to Mini Movie Projector


Projectors are becoming popular these days and it is not rare to see it replacing the television. A portable projector is a new tendency in family entertainment due to the fact that this device is easy to install and cheap as compared to gadgets like the plasma TV. The prime benefit of the mini projectors is the portability and that has made this gadget very popular for indoor as well as outdoor uses. Talking about the mini-movie projector, it must be kept in mind that we are not discussing anything about the heavily featured standard projectors. Here, we are to talk about the current tendency of mini movie projectors which are used for both professional and personal entertainment purposes.


The Size Factor

Just like all other modern gadgets, movie projectors are also shrinking. They are being designed to fit into the pocket and at the same time being made very lightweight so that carrying them becomes easy. A new portable projector can be carried anywhere as they are really small in size. The options for portable projectors are pretty wide and you have to make the choice according to your needs.

The two main types are:

  1. The Pocket-Projector or the Pico-projector is just the right one that will fit into your pocket. This one is the smallest and measures roughly like that of a graphics calculator or a smartphone. These projectors can be used for several purposes; right from outdoor or indoor entertainment to professional uses such as making business presentations or slide shows. Owing to the small size and super portability, the pico projector is more geared towards multimedia presentation. The small size also means that there are not many features of this projector and the bulb is not a very bright one. 
  2. The Palmtop-Projector is slightly bigger as compared to the pico. This one fits your palms and has more features than the smaller counterpart. There are more ports along with the built-in sound system as well as more storage. Though bigger than the pico projectors, the palmtops are also very lightweight and you can actually carry them in the bag easily.

The main function 

1. Easy Set-up

Setting up the device is often the hardest part while using complicated gadgets. Modern gadgets are designed to be very user-friendly and the mini-movie projector is no exception to this rule. Easy set-up is the real advantage of the mini projectors as compared to the counterparts.

You can actually set up a palmtop or pico projector in a couple of minutes. Another notable factor regarding the easy set-up is the power source. Most of the mini projectors run on batteries which are designed to have a really long life. This makes all operations easy and comfortable for the users.

2. Built-in Storage and Sound

The mini-movie projector is a precise device that is known for the small size. To make this happen, features like multiple ports had to be compromised and this finally results in the inclusion of in-built sound and storage system in the device.

Though you will not find too much of storage space or very high capacity speakers in a portable projector these days, it is for sure that the future is changing and it is not too far to see these small devils outperform their larger counterparts.

3.The Light Factor

The light or brightness is a determining factor when the competition is between the generally sized projectors and the mini ones. The smaller projectors have limited brightness (ranging from about 10 to 100 lumens or more) and this makes the device produce pictures which are less bright.

But things are changing rapidly and the introduction of LED mini projectors has now turned the table. The LED mini projectors are the ones which use LED lamps to produce images as bright as 1000 lumens.

The Future

The portable projectors are becoming the new trend these days and people often prefer this gadget instead of having a larger or complicated one as the plasma TV. Being easy to set-up and operate; this device is superior to elaborate ones (or the big sized ones). The smaller ones are not just cheap, they serve the very purpose and sometimes more efficiently. Though the picture quality is not always as good as the general sized ones, the introduction of LED mini projectors has brought a great change in the scenario. Adding more features and increasing the storage capacity along with enhancement in picture quality is sure to take the portable devils several steps forward.

What are your views about the new tendency of the mini projectors? Are they going to rock the show? We will eagerly wait for your insights and comments.