Best Halloween Tips and Themes with Home Projector

by HX LEE on October 23, 2018

Trick or Treat!! Halloween is right around the corner and its time to get your tinker on and scare the pants off your guests. With every passing year, Halloween seems to be getting bigger, scarier and more fun. But with the growth comes added pressure for parents everywhere to set up spectacular decorations. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to stand out with the traditional Halloween party decorations. After all, don’t all your neighbors get their decorations from the same store as you?

So how do you pull off the most memorable Halloween ever? Easy - using your mini home projector. Imagine how scary it would be if; instead of the usual inanimate skeletons and haunted ghost posters, you set up real floating ghosts in your house or backyard. It would be epic. There’s no way you’d have leftover Halloween treats in the morning. Home theatre projectors are versatile in what they can display and how they can do it. Below are some tips on how you can use your mini home projector this Halloween.

  •  Haunted Doorway Displays

Horror movies love floating ghosts between rooms. It’s a classic scare. You can replicate this idea in your archway or doorway. The open space offers ready frames for the projection. To pull off this illusion you’ll need to use an archway or doorway your guests won’t be walking through.

You’ll also need to attach the projection sheet to the hidden side of the frame using adhesive tape or tacks. Ideally, you should have the fabric tight and smooth before projecting onto it. However, if you’re going for a 3-D ghostly effect, you can experiment with gentle folds on the sheet.

Once the fabric is up, proceed to set up your home theatre projector. Now, at this point, you have two projecting options – front and rear projecting. For a more realistic hologram, rear projection is recommended. Front projection often ends up creating a double image; one on the fabric and the other on the surface behind it.

mini home projector

And what about the home theatre projector light? Won’t it spoil the illusion? Yes, it will. But there’s a way around that. Try positioning your projector at an angle. This will hide the projector beam from your guests. However, note that you’ll have to adjust the resulting image shape using your projector’s keystone correction setting.

  • Enjoy a Scary Movie

Halloween is the best time for horror movies. Luckily, the internet has no shortage of legit scare films – even Halloween themed movies. So this Halloween, instead of enjoying a scary movie indoors, use your home theatre projector to project your movies directly onto your house or on a large projection screen.

The beauty of watching spooky movies outside is the realness that comes with it. Imagine watching a giant spider creep up on a movie character and then suddenly feel something crawl up your leg (even an ant). I promise you, the adrenaline rush and scare you’ll get is insane.

  • Convert your Backyard into a Haunted Yard

This is by far the scariest and easiest illusion displays to pull off. And believe me, nothing will scare your guests to death than skeletons popping up from their graves.

For this effect, you’ll need to pick a spot on your yard that’s protected from the bright light that will interfere with the projections. Set up the hologram illusion screen and place your outdoor video projector in front of the illusion screen. And since it’s a graveyard illusion, it’s imperative that the skeletons look like they are springing from the ground. To pull this off, position the outdoor video projector in a way that the bottom of your projected image will line up with the bottom of the projection sheet.

And once your skeletons are set, add tombstone props around the skeletons to really sell the idea. For extra effect, you can add some lighting to the bottom of the tombstones. If you do this correctly, the light will not interfere with the projector’s beam.

Again, remember to hide your outdoor video projector. If your visitors see it, then the effect is ruined.

  •  Haunted house windows

If you’ve been to Disney World, you’ve seen this effect in use in their Haunted Mansion. Ghostly creatures peeking through windows or their shadows being cast on windows is pretty scary. But like with the archway holograms and the haunted backyard effect, you can recreate this spookiness as well.

Now, in case you are wondering, no, you can’t project images directly on the windows. The light will pass right through. You’ll still need a translucent material. For a perfectly spooky effect, make sure the material covers the entire viewing area. Also, consider the distance of the mini home projector from the window.

If you have a narrow window, get an effect in vertical mode. What's more, remember to keep ambient lighting at a minimum. If possible, the room should be dark. You can also throw in some physical effects for added realism.


Clearly, this year’s Halloween will be a blast. And to think that all you needed was to get creative with your mini home projector. Who knew!

If you’d like an extra scary effect, you can invest time in syncing sound effects and music to the animations you have. This will add more scare to the haunting experience you create. Be sure to take lots of photos and videos of the experience. The memory will definitely be worth your while.