2019 Top 8 Best Projectors Under $200 Review- Alphas

by Iris Lin on December 24, 2018
Last time we did a Mini Projector Review-Best Projectors Under $100. Many customers reflected that it's a helpful buying mini projector guide for the first-time buyer. Therefore, we write an article to introduce the best projector under 200, which lists the pros and cons of those home theater projectors.
Buying the best projector doesn’t mean that you spend a fortune. But also, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the durability and quality either. Even with a tight budget, you can get a projector that will meet all your needs and serve you well into the foreseeable future.
To choose the best projector under $200, you need to know your stuff. You need to know what the specs mean and what benefit they offer. Moreover, you need to make sure the projector is compatible with a range of media types and offers an excellent resolution.
Luckily for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting. We’ve tested a bunch of projectors costing below $200 and $300 and compiled a list of the best. So before you go crazy looking into all the options available, start with this comprehensive list.

You probably doubt you can get something worth your time in this price range right? Well, I don’t blame you. Most blogs and reviews are pushing you to get more expensive projectors. But by the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll be a believer too - $200 is enough to transform your gaming and movie watching experience.

Elephas RD606

This mini 3D projector is perfect for an outdoor movie session. Lots of people are in love with it for a variety of reasons. But at the top of the list is that it’s 3D ready and has built-in Wi-Fi. To enjoy its 3D technology, you need to sync it to DLP Link 3D glasses. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can enjoy your favorite online videos through the Koala and YouTube apps. 
In addition to the built-in Wi-Fi, the RD606 portable projector 1080p features wireless screen sharing. This feature allows you to wirelessly share your apps, videos, and images with your iOS and Android devise through Miracast or Airplay.
I should point out that this mini projector features advanced DLP technology. With this technology, you can enjoy 1080p content. The unit also has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Lastly, while other projectors come with manual keystone adjustment, Elephas made it automatic on the RD606 mini outdoor projector. The adjustments are between -40 and +40 degrees.
  •    Built-in Wi-Fi
  •    3D experience
  •    Lightweight and portable
  •    Built-in battery lasting for 2 hours
  •    Not recommend to business PPT.

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Elephas S1

 Best Mini Projector 2018

It is said that the best things in life come in small packages. Well, the Elephas S1 is proof that this statement is true. What’s not to love about this mini pocket projector? For starters, it has a sleek and cute design. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and light-weight enough for you to forget you have it on you. But don’t let the size fool you. The Elephas S1 has proven to be the best projector for home theater. Here’s why.

With it, you can project multiple screens from your smartphone. The screens measure about 130 inches. You can connect to a Type-c cable, USB cable or a lightning cable. Additionally, it features DLP Part Optical tech to protect your eyes when you are binge watching and provides up to 2 hours of continuous use. The lamp has 20,000 hours of life.

Last but not least the projector has built-in speakers that offer clear and quality sound.


  •    Used with smartphones
  •    It is tiny and lightweight
  •    Multiple multimedia slots
  •    Comes with a tripod and remote control


  •    Doesn’t work with Netflix App
  •    Not best for PPT, Excel, Word or business presentations

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 Elephas YG602

This is yet another HD projector from Elephas that has captured the hearts of consumers. With excellent picture quality, protective projector technology, and multiple connection points the YG602 is a sight to behold.
It features a 3600 LED light source at full brightness and project screen sizes between 44 and 200 inches. The native resolution is 1280X800p though it can support videos and images up to 1080p. Additionally, and for great daytime movie binge-watching, the unit has a contrast ratio of 3000:1. This is more than what most projectors on the market can boast of. This contrast makes it the best outdoor movie projector.
And that’s not even the half of it. The home movie theatre projector also sports diffuse reflection technology designed to protect kid’s eyes from digital strain. And in case you don’t have a home theatre system close by, the built-in Hi-Fi level stereo speakers are more than enough to provide a great experience.
As for connections, the led multimedia projectors can be connected to Fire TV Stick, Laptop, Chromecast, blue-ray DVD player, Xbox, PS4, PS3 and TV box through the HDMI port.
The fan is updated and provides excellent cooling. It runs silently which makes the projector perfect for playing games and watching movies.  
  •    30,000-hour lamp life
  •    High native resolution
  •    Impeccable contrast
  •    Doesn’t have Wi-Fi

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    Vankyo Leisure 510

    best projector for home theater

    At its core, the unit is designed to offer quality and a great watching experience. The Vankyo 510 is loaded with features including a 1000:1 contrast ratio, screen size projection of between 44 and 200 inches. At 10 feet (projection distance), the image displayed will be great and perfect for a movie or series.
    I should point out that the unit features TFT LCD technology which works to reduce light attenuation and offers 80% more brightness. The unit supports 1920x1080p and has numerous multimedia connection ports. Best of all, it supports many common content formats as well.
    •    Built-in speakers
    •    3-year warranty
    •    80% brighter than most mini projectors
    •    Hard to get text and images to focus equally

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    Sony Pico Portable Projector

    smart phone projector

    The Sony Pico is a small pocket-sized projector. It’s compact and weighs just 280 grams. It can fit in your pockets without causing you to lean on one side. Despite its size, it’s perfect for projecting movies, data and images from compatible devices. It creates 120-inch projector screen
    The projector features ANSI 105 Lumen. This allows it to offer dynamic and bright pictures. Very few projectors can boast of such quality packed in such a small size. Overall, the Sony Pico is the best projector for home theater as well as for business presentations and gaming.
    •    Has a quick 5-second book
    •    It is bright and offers dynamic pictures
    •    It is small and lightweight
    •    The maximum projected screen isn’t as big

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    BearmerKing WS610

    hd movie projector

    Though this projector is larger and heavier than most projectors on the list, it still is amazing. Instead of incandescent lights, the WS610 uses LED lights. Sure the LED lights are not as bright as the incandescent lights, but they last longer. The lamp can last up to 50,000 hours which translates to 15 years of average use.
    This best projector under $200 also features a lamp with a lumen rating of 3500. Its contrast ratio is at 10,000:1. This alone makes it the best outdoor movie projector. Additionally, it has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 and accepts 1080p content.
    •    Has durable LED light
    •    Built-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker
    •    Compatible with smartphone devices
    •    Quite bulky in comparison to other projectors on the list

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    Crenova XPE496

    hdmi projector

    Honestly, the Crenova has no business being so cheap. Its features shouldn’t be worth that low. But hey, this is good news for us. This mini projector is light-weight and is about a Kindle’s size. The LED bulb is energy saving and will last for 50,000.
    At 2200 lumens, this projector provides bright screens enough for campouts and basements. The projector can connect to numerous devices via its VGA, HMI, USB and SD card slots.
    •    Long-lasting lamp
    •    Cheap and affordable
    •    Has an energy saving lamp
    •    Slightly larger than most projectors featured

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    Apeman Mini Portable Projector

    best budget projector

    This is a pocket-sized projector. It weighs only 200 grams. It is ideal for home cinemas, parties, and camping. It features Advanced DLP tech. this tech makes it about 70% brighter and 50% sharper. The projector supports 1080p content with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Its native resolution is 854 x 480. Between 1-4m the projector can provide between 30 and 100-inch screen sizes.
    Its lens is long lasting and its cooling system is cool enough to allow you to hear the built-in stereo sound without straining.
    •    Light and portable
    •    Features DLP tech
    •    70% brighter than traditional projectors
    •    Long lens life
    •    The resolution could be better

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    Final Words

    And there you have it; a comprehensive list to get you started. What you will notice with the best projector under $200 compared to other more expensive projectors is that they are smaller. Most are pocket size. And while this is a good thing for those who are always on the road, you should note that the throw distance is reduced. Therefore, you will have to place the projector closer to the screen than you would other expensive models.
    But all the same, for less than $200, you will get a great experience with any of the above mini projectors.
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