Top 10 Most Common Projector Issues to Watch Out For

Top 10 Most Common Projector Issues to Watch Out For


The invention of a projector revolutionized the way people do their presentation. There are hundreds of projector manufacturers across the world but only a few dozens produce reliable models. These devices are now standard in conferences, meetings, universities, and other institutions. A best mini video projector is good for entertainment since it produces high-quality images and unlike most televisions, it doesn’t have glare.
Most home theater projectors come with a warranty. The best selling projector manufacturers provide a 3-year warranty. However, a warranty just guarantees a replacement or repair within the specified period of time. When your warranty runs out, the lifespan of your gadget would have reduced. With time, you can start to encounter some problems. Here are the top 10 projector problems and their possible remedies.

1. Projector overheating

Just like other electrical devices, projectors also produce heat. Overheating is one of the most common problems that projector users encounter. The bigger the projector the more heat it produces. The massive home theater projector produces more heat than a portable movie projector. The amount of heat the device produces also varies depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the product. A best selling projector should have a good cooling system.
This problem comes as a result of the projector fan failure. The fan is responsible for cooling the gadget but when it fails, the projector lacks a heat sink thus; overheating occurs. In most, cases the fan totally fails and it doesn’t rotate at all. If you notice that your portable movie projector doesn’t produce any noise, then the fan is not working. This problem will require an expert to fix.
Another problem is that the fan can be rotating at its maximum speed but there is no significant cooling effect. This problem occurs when the air around your device is hot. Remove your projector from direct sunlight or position it away from other devices that produce heat. In addition, you should never cover a best mini video projector with a cloth when it is in use since you can block cool air from getting into the fan.

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2. Projector turning off immediately after turning it on

There are several things that can cause this strange behavior. A dusty fan, cable failure, and loosely connected cables can cause this problem. If you encounter this problem, the first thing you should do is to ensure that the cables are connected properly. If it doesn’t solve the problem, try to replace the power cable with a new one.
If the two remedies don’t solve your problem, check if the fan is dusty. Dust usually accumulate on the outdoor video projector fan for a long period of time until it can’t rotate effectively. In case the fan is clogged with dust, follow the right procedure to clean the fan. It is recommended that you service your mini home projectoregularly to avoid this problem.

3. Images with distorted colors

Sometimes the images displayed by a home theater projector have distorted colors. When this occurs, don’t panic. You can fix this by checking if the VGA cable is properly connected to your computer. If it doesn’t solve the problem, then the color wheel of your projector has a problem.

4. Images with shadows

This projector issue only occurs on DLP Projectors. It can be caused by two things, either the mirror or the main board. It is difficult for the user to know which of the two is problematic hence, you have to visit a technician to assess the problem. If you notice the problem lies in the mirror, consider yourself lucky since mirrors are cheap to repair. If the problem extends to the main board, just buy one of the latest projector models.

5. Projector not displaying any image when switched on

Check the cable connection if your Goodee outdoor movie projector is not displaying any image. If you manage to fix the problem using this trick, your device is working properly. If it doesn’t, then the problem could be the lamp or the lamp ballast unit. Lamp failure means that you have to buy a new one. Just like other components, the lamp prices vary depending on the model. Lamp ballast unit usually supplies power to the lamp. If it fails the lamp won’t light. If you encounter this problem, take your projector to a technician to assess the damage. A technician can advise you to buy the damaged component or buy a new gadget if it is expensive to repair.

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6. Projector producing a dull image

You will face this problem only if you have an LCD Projector. Each projector lamp has its own lamp life. Projector Lamp life varies depending on the model. Your LCD Projector will start to produce dull images when you are about to deplete your lamp hours. Some advanced projectors calculate the lamp hours that you have used. If your Elephas portable movie projector doesn’t have this feature, you have to estimate the time you have used the gadget so that you can replace the lamp on time.

7. Projector images with colored edges

A faulty LCD prism causes this problem on LCD projectors. Unlike other components, an LCD prism is relatively expensive. The best solution is to buy a new projector. Only consider replacement if the model offers a cheap bur reliable LCD prism.

8. Inputs not working

Check the inputs to ensure that they are connected perfectly. If the problem persists, then it is likely that the main board of your projector has failed. You can contact a portable movie projector repair expert so that you can decide whether to buy a new gadget or replace the main board. 

9. Broken lamp door switch

This is the only problem which is easy to fix and you don’t need to buy a new gadget. Contact the manufacturer to inquire on the right interlock switch to buy. Most models have a repair department in almost all countries. You can also visit an expert to fix the problem.

10. Images with lines or dots

When you notice that your projector is displaying images with dots/images, the problem is the projector’s main board. Compare the price of a new mainboard to buying a new outdoor video projector. If the main board of your model is expensive, just buy a new projector since replacing it doesn’t guarantee that it will work perfectly and it doesn’t increase its lifespan.


portable movie projector is important in presentations but it can malfunction during a live lecture or meeting. It is advisable to have a backup projector during an important meeting to avoid delays and embarrassment. However, the projector issues mentioned above are easy to solve. It is a   good practice to test your outdoor video projector a few minutes before people assemble to watch a film or a presentation. Always buy the best mini video projector to avoid facing some minor projector problems.


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