Best Smart Home Devices for 2018

by Iris Lin on December 13, 2018

Best Smart Home Devices for 2018


Technology has become very advanced and also has become a blessing to the people, as now people can do a lot of things easily without having to spend a lot of time on their household work. There are a lot of smart devices that are available in the market for people to use which makes their work easier.

Now many would think why are these devices called smart device and what they are actually? These devices could be anything starting from clocks, televisions, phones, or a TV projector. Smart devices are devices that you use in your house and which can connect to the internet or other devices, in order to make your life easier.

We will share with you a list of best smart home devices for 2018 so that you can get to know what all devices are new and could help you in your daily life. If you looking to make your home a smart home then you sure must get your hands on these devices.

What are popular smart devices used in homes?

There are a lot of devices that are used in homes these days like the security systems, television, HD movie projector. They are very popular amongst the families as they help to reduce the work pressure and also give an elite and smart look to the house. One can simply download the application for it using their smartphones and sync the application of the device on the smartphone. This way one can easily control the appliances and devices with the help of the application or with just a remote.

Few of the most popular smart devices which are ideal for the families and widely used in homes these days are

  • Smart Speakers

You could start off by getting a smart speaker for your home. These speakers would connect to the internet or your smart device and you can play any song you want and without having to touch the remote or the speaker repeatedly. You can easily shuffle the music with the help of your smartphone device or to your LED home projector to enjoy with friends and family.

Just like you would get a speaker to shuffle the music you can get your hands on the smart lights that would help you to dim or turn off or on the lights with the help of a remote. It is very easy for the people to use the remote instead of walking towards the switches to switch on or off the lights.

  •  Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a device that works really well with the home automation and allows the user to control the temperature of the house without having to touch the thermostat. You can easily increase or decrease the temperature using the application on your phone. At times these devices can detect the temperature and auto adjust itself.

  • Smart Television

These days there are so many smart televisions on the market. These televisions not only have the capability to offer protection to your eyes, but they also make sure that your television watching experience is uninterrupted. They easily connect to the internet and your phones, you can watch whatever you feel like.

  • Projector

Imagine how great it would be if you had a TV projector. It would rather complete your smart home, you could enjoy movies and shows using these HD movie projectors just like the cinemas. There are many smart projectors and you can easily control them with an application on your mobile phones. These LED home projectors are definitely a must-have. We are sure you would love to enjoy your game on a large screen rather than just the television.


  • Smart Security System

It is important for everyone to have a security system that would protect you from thefts and mishaps at any given point in time. These security systems also connect to the apps on your smartphone and alert you about any threats in the home.


All these above-discussed devices are the best devices of the year 2018. If you want to make your home a smart home, then we must say that you should definitely get these devices in your home and enjoy the blessings from technology. Internet has come as blessing for people who use it wisely, it allows people to use their devices with the help of their cell phones.

So make sure you make your home smart home by installing the smart devices that we discussed with you so that you can save time and energy as well as make your home look classy and elite.