DIY Projector Screen or Buy One Online?

by HX LEE on September 04, 2018

DIY Projector Screen or Buy One Online?

The use of personal home projectors has been extremely popular these days as part of a home theater system. While big screen televisions are still relatively expensive for the really big screen size, projectors that are able to project images up to 10' are far less expensive. As LED technology continues to evolve the quality of projected images will only get better.

So, whether you are wanting to complete your home entertainment system in your living room or put together your home theater system in a dedicated room, you can actually save yourself a bit of money by opting for one of many high-quality digital 4K HD projectors on the market today. There is also a brand new segment of the projector market that is targeted to those looking for outdoor movie projectors.

The people looking for outdoor entertainment frequently end up of portable projectors and portable projector screens. These outdoor movie projectors are usually specially made with some amount of built-in protection from the elements that it could possibly be exposed. Even if it is not raining, the excessive moisture outdoors could do damage if it is not properly protected.

If you are using portable projection equipment outdoors you always want to be careful that none of it actually exposed to moisture directly. This includes both the outdoor projector and the portable projector screen.

Good Quality Projector Screens

While the quality of the projector you purchase is the biggest single reason why you either really like the quality of your home theater or you are extremely disappointed. However, the truth is that the screen that you are using inside the house (if you are not simply using a blank wall in your living room) will make all the difference in the world. Having a good, quality screen for your new outdoor projector to display on will make a huge difference in how what you are watching will look.

The exact same thing can be said about portable projector screens that are commonly used for outdoor movie viewing. The quality of projector screens will definitely vary depending on the type of materials that the manufacturer uses. Click HERE to check more about ELEPHAS projector screen. While commercially made projector screens are commonly thought to be the best option when it comes to home theater setups. The truth is, there is another really good option called a DIY or Do It Yourself projector screen.

The DIY projector screens can be made from a number of different materials and also do not take a whole of time to make depending on a project that you happen to be following. There are generally speaking hundreds of different projects that people have posted online that you can use to make your own projector screen.

DIY Projector Screen

For your typical DIYer being able to make something and not have spent their hard earned money on something that they believe that they could make themselves and then to be able to save all that money is exactly what motivates most DIYer. Many of the skills gathered along the way from doing all of the projects makes it easier for them for the next project that comes up. While buying something from the store is easy, being able to repurpose stuff and make it yourself has its own rewards.

Advantages of DIY Projector Screen

  • The material list generally includes primarily recycled or repurposed items
  • Includes an easy to follow step by step instructional guide
  • A sense of pride knowing that you made it yourself
  • Much lower cost as compared to a commercial screen

Disadvantages of DIY Projector Screen

Gathering materials and supplies can be time-consuming

Using tools that you never used can be intimidating

Buying a Projector Screen 

When it comes to completing your home theater featuring an HD digital projector the screen is very important. There are many different types of commercially made projector screens and several different brands of each. Most of the higher end portable or fixed mounted screens feature a number of important benefits that would make any of them a viable option. There are many advantages and disadvantages of buying a high-quality commercially made projector screen.

Advantages of Buying a Projector Screen 

  • Store bought projector screens come in standard sizes
  • You normally can find consumer reviews on them to get an idea what other people think
  • Several different makes, models, and features to choose from

Disadvantages of Buying a Projector Screen

  • The cost can be a bit steep depending on the size and brand


Digital projector technology whether it be LED from a number of well-known brands or DLP technology licensed from Texas Instruments has finally found itself in the living rooms, home theaters and back patios of homes all across the country. One of the big draws is that the screen sizes can be scaled depending on how much room you have to put a screen.

While typical televisions over 75" are going to run you well over $3000 for a 4k HDTV, but that is not the case for a 4k HD projector that is capable of scaling up to 10' or even larger and still is well under that of an HDTV. For this reason, the enthusiasm for home projectors and projector screens has continued to grow and grow.

When it comes the quality of the images that today's digital projectors are able to produce depends heavily on the quality of the projector screen that is being used. There are several different options including buying a screen online from one of many Internet retailers or making one yourself via a DIY projector project.

Both options have a number of advantages for selecting them depending on your needs either one could be just right. However, there are also a number of disadvantages that will for whatever reason would preclude you from even considering either buying one from a retailer or opting for a homemade version.

After looking closely at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two options it is up to you to decide which of the two will best fit in with your needs.