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Alphas New Arrivals before 2019: The Amazing Elephas RD606 MINI Projector

There are quite a number of amazing 3D projectors that have come out giving projectors a whole new definition. These portable LED projectors 1080p have amazing features and specifications. They are more advanced with sleek and modern designs to enable you to carry them anywhere you go. Some like Pico projector for the smartphone have added functionalities with improved features making it very interesting. If you have been looking for the best mini projector, worry not, the new arrivals will surprise you. One particular mini projector that you should definitely consider owning is the Elephas RD606 MINI Projector. This is not just your everyday projector. It has amazing specifications that indeed places it ahead of the pack. Try it out and see how amazing it is. Some of the best features it possesses include. 

Comes with a 3D Technology

The Elephas RD606 has the capabilities of delivering an amazing 3D display. It has great picture resolutions making it the best mini projector in the market. It can display 1080p videos with no lags whatsoever. Its crispy clear images can be compared to that of Pico projector for iPhone although this comes with a 3D imaging technology. You can use it to enjoy your favorite movies and games as well as display PowerPoint projects and other documents.  This Elephas RD606 DLP projector with 1080p is very interesting. It is indeed the highlight of 2018 when making it the best mini projectors. All you need is a pair of active DLP Link 3D glasses  to seamlessly synchronize it with the image for an awesome 3D experience.

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It is very portable.

What makes any LED mini projector with 1080p stand out from the rest is its physical design. If you compare the Elephas RD606 DLP projector that has 1080p with its counterpart the Pico projector for iPhone, you will notice one common thing. These two have an amazing sleek design. This means that it is well shaped and very small to enable you to take it with you whenever you are going. Everything about its compact and portable design is great.

It comes with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology.

The Elephas RD606DLP projector with 1080p is the latest arrival that has DLP technology added to its unbelievably amazing features. This technology uses a chip to create images which are cast on the screen. This is what makes Elephas RD606 projector to produce very sharp images which are also 3dimensional. With such type of hi-tech, you don’t need filters to refine the image. The image comes refines and processed to give an amazing clarity.

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It comes with multiple ports.

Just like the Pico projector for iPhone, Elephas RD606 has multiple ports to support various devices without limiting you whatsoever. This LCD projector 1080p comes with a USB port as well as an HDMI port. This means that you can enjoy your video so long as your device has these particular ports. You are not limited like it was with the initial DLP projectors. It has swiftly clinched the title of the best mini projector with its multiport feature.

Elephas RD606 is the best portable DLP projector 1080p for home theater. It has so many capabilities with plenty of amazing features. With this device be sure of having the best experience throughout your watching sessions. It has indeed transformed the ideology that used to linger around projectors. Its distinct features are just amazing and cool making it the best mini projector. Everything it offers is adorable ranging from its amazing display all the way to its compact design. Get an Elephas RD606 mini projector. 

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