Elephas YG400 Mini Projector Review

by HX LEE on June 15, 2018

Projectors are a part of parcel of entertainment, business, lecture rooms, conference rooms and even a living room for a big family movie night. YG400 mini projector is one of those projectors which can be a part of your ultimate home theatre system or your lecture room or office conference room. This model projector is hot on YouTube and you can find many video reviews. Today I am going to share some of my experience with this projector.


The Mini Projector comes with a sturdy design. It has a compact body and probably has one of the most attractive architecture regarding design and construction as compared to other pocket projectors in the market. The mini projector is light in weight and has a sleek and smooth design which gives it a good look. Its most significant function is the fact that it has more ports as compared to Pico projectors or other pocket projectors. If you are looking to use it at home or college or office, the one 56V- OUT port and one USB port and an HDMI port will serve you very well. It has DVD port, VGA input, and SD card input. It also has an AV port, IR receiver and an audio jack of 3.5 mm as well.  


With such a sleek design, the mini projector surprisingly givens a screen dimensions of 50 to 130 inches. At 1200 lumens and 1080 pixels, this is a great feature. Although 100 inches of screen is what can help you to make the most out of this projector.

Usage of  YG400 mini projector

The projector is compact and is pretty handy as all of its functions are quite straightforward. The buttons for manually controlling the playing of a video are present on the top. You can use these or the handy remote control with efficient buttons as well. The remote contrail is excellent for the manual settings and customization of your mini projector. You can attach it to an Xbox, PS4 or even your PC as well. The projector can be used from the projection distance of 4.9 feet to 13.12 feet, although, users generally used it at 7 feet for good result. The color quality is quite reasonable given the cheap price it comes at. You can choose the three color settings or can manually tune it according to your will for the color and brightness. It will serve as a small home theatre system.

mini projector

As a user, one always wants a sharp and a clear image. With a contrast of 1000:1 and a resolution of 800x480, the mini projector gives an image which is full of colors. As a user, paying under $ 100 and getting such high-quality visual aspects is like a dream coming true. The audio quality of the Mini projector is good as well. With 8 ohms 2W speaker, one can experience each and every detail of a music concert and opera. The features of this mini projector are much more unique and exceptional regarding quality but sometimes can be a little bit shaky as well.

In comparison to a Pocket projector and Pico projector, the colors of the Lumen 1200 Mini Projector is a little more blurred and pixelated. Although Pico Projector has fewer ports in comparison to the YG400 mini projector, the display features are better.

The keystone can be used to set the angels and projection of the mini projector according to your liking. Although, both the Pico projectors as well as the YG400 mini are eco-friendly as they use less power, YG400 is effective. Its power lamp saves up to 70% if electricity and energy which is excellent as it saves up the bills as well. The battery life is 30,000 hours which is enough for a year.  

The YG400 comes with a user guide which is very clearly made for the users to learn from it. The steps of installation and setup are clearly described. Al these steps are simple as well so you don’t have to get a technician to set it up the first time.

mini projector

It has a UK power cable. Although the cable is of good quality, some people might find it a bit short in length as compared to the power cables of Pico Projectors. However, it is durable and long-lasting.


YG400 Mini Projector is an all-rounder regarding its great features and qualities. Its compact and sleek design makes it an attractive choice for the consumers. It gives along with all the apps and appliances of modern day technology which is a significant aspect. You can use it to create a mini home theatre of your own or use it in a lecture room or a conference room. It will serve you well. The features are great as it provides the best visual and audio qualities in the range of less than $100 projectors. Being a mini projector, you can easily carry it to work.

However, some people might not be satisfied with its image quality and color blurring. But being used at a proper distance, ut can give excellent results. It can be connected to multiple external audio and video devices due to its numerous ports which are not a feature of Pico Projectors as they have fewer ports for connection. Having Wi-fi is also on to its excellent features which are lacking in the Pico projectors. All in all, it is a great projector that one can buy for home or work within a limited budget range as it will serve the purpose well.