New Teaching with Projectors - the Device of the Future

by Iris Lin on October 22, 2018

New Teaching with Projectors - the Device of the Future


Education has changed in the last few years and has made a considerable impact in the classroom. Definitely for the better. Old Education systems and teaching methods used to have and they used minimal props for teaching students in the classroom. We used overhead projectors, blackboards and sometimes tablets made out of stone. This has changed. Overhead projectors are disappearing fast as well as the blackboards. Students are using laptops, computers and whatever technology has been made available to them in this day and age. They have access to props that assist the facilitator in teaching her subjects in the best possible way. Instead of standing in front of a classroom with their backs to the students, teacher have remote access to projectors and can stand at the back of the class monitoring the students working. We are moving towards new and modern technologies with machinery such as Video projector, Led Video projector 1080p which are all contributing to an all-round education in the 21st century. Using the GooDee projectors to project the subject content onto the white wall or board helps with presenting graphics and subject matter in an effective and interesting manner. Allowing the teacher to be completely prepared and not having to write endless amounts on the board and erasing, only to start all over again.


Teachers know that their students get bored quickly and that they are all technology boffins. Teachers are also becoming more creative with their content and it allows for proper and easier preparation. The students of today are a generation that was born into technology and they don’t know the difference of the old world education and they don’t know a world without computers and technology, so teaching with the GooDee Led Video 1080p projector for students is like taking a duck to water- completely natural for them. Versatile and creative for both the teacher and the student to access necessary information from whatever tool they have. Also easier for the teacher to communicate content through their projectors as the students will be captivated by their lessons and their attention span contained. Schools need to seriously consider using Video and LCD projector for the most effective teaching methods today. We cannot expect our students to live in a non-technology world while at school and take us seriously, as they go home and have access to the best social and content available. There are many advantages for teachers to use GoodDee projectors. And even more advantages for students.

  • Paper will be a thing of the past
  • Slideshows and graphics easily accessed.
  • No worksheets needed
  • USB to access information
  • Screen freeze to revise and go back to the paragraph being studied
  • Sharing information online and live
  • Projectors have been able to access web pages like Google earth for maps
  • Geography just one of the subjects which are brilliant for projector use
  • Students don’t get bored.
  • Working in a group is much easier with the LCD projector
  • Big screen capacity
  • Teachers to have control of classroom as they don’t have their backs to the students
  • Easy switching from one graphic to the next with a remote

As the overhead projectors and other forms of educating students are becoming archaic, teachers in schools have also become known as to how to use the projectors, why and when. Using different projectors such as the Led Video Projector 1080p and any of the other GooDee projectors have huge benefits and it makes teaching a pleasure as well as interesting.

  • In order to keep students attention at all times, its best to use the GooDee projectors;
  • The GooDee projectors can be connected to any computer.
  • It projects the subject matter clearly and effectively.
  • The resolution is clear and sharp
  • The video projector can also be connected to any Smartphone for easy access.
  • No need for extra speakers, as they have their own speakers
  • Less noise from the fan
  • It has an automatic cooling system
  • Factory warranty which means money back refund for faulty parts.
  • Impressive brightness
  • GooDee is light in weight making it easy to transport
  • Android friendly too with the use of cables
  • USB access

Any of the GooDee projectors including the Led Video Projector 1080p have the ability to make a mundane and robotic classroom environment into an interactive relative and upbeat environment. Especially for the generation of children whose attention span is almost nonexistent. Children and young people today have access to so much social media and information that holding their  Using proper technology props in schools start from an early age as children as young as 3 are using smartphones as if they were born with them. Trying to take an old approach to Education to the modern 21st century child, will simply make the teachers' life more difficult and the school will find itself in the 20th century. Students today carry phones, ipads, androids; USB around like the old school students would carry sweets. Keeping permanent projectors in the classroom is a necessity but being able to carry your projector around with your iphone or laptop is the first prize and can be used even in an outdoor environment if need be- an example for a presentation from the teacher on plants, stars and other such like subjects, including sports. Having remote connections with the GooDee projectors makes life easier for the teacher and the school management. The Management of the school can rest assured that the teacher will be able to access any information that has been prepared, any time.
Another great advantage of the lightweight GooDee projector is the price point and the easy access to buying it, either online or at a store. The prices range between $180-$200 depending on price wars out there. Best to check the web pages for specials that do come up from the online stores as well as the stores. Be sure to get your GooDee projector so your teaching lives are made easier and your students are satisfied and captivated.


The projector is the device that changes the future of teaching in the classroom. Creative, interactive and easy to use. Easily transported that can be used anywhere and with any communication device like laptops, phones, and Ipads. Technology brings the future forward.