New trends for gaming media gives you choices

by dan dan on October 22, 2018

New trends for gaming media gives you choices


Advancement in video game technology is changing all the time, engaging people of all ages in the latest crazes. It is easier than ever to get the ultimate experience with new gaming technology with so many choices in platforms. You can even use an HD projector to play video games on large screens. No more are you limited to playing video games on your mobile phone, gaming console or PC.
New research from Newzoo shows the gaming sector is booming. Newzoo predicts the industry will be worth $1.38 billion by the end of 2018 with the new gaming media hitting the market. Now there more choices for people to immerse themselves in video game action wherever they are.
Gaming is a popular pastime that does not discriminate between age or gender. A 2015 US study of gamers showed males (52%) and females (48%) were almost equal in their love of playing games in 2014. By 2017, men overtook women as game players. US youth are more likely to play games, or at least try them once, with 67% of the 18 to 29 age group saying they played. And, 58% of people between the age of 30 and 49 also admitted they played games at least once.

Emerging technologies for game playing

With the speed of technological advancements, there are many platform choices for playing video games. There are games to play on your smartphone, games for your PC or laptop, gaming consoles or you may want the ultimate experience using a 1080p projector that has full HD built in.
The most difficult choice you have these days is choosing the best platform to play your video games on. So, let’s take a look at the platform options you have in today’s market. What you choose will depend on the type of games you play and what you want when playing.
  • PC and laptop gaming

A PC or laptop can be a good platform choice as there is a wide range of games and more options for multiplayer and virtual reality games. They are relatively inexpensive to download and some are even free.
Using a PC or laptop for game playing means your platform is useful for more than just playing games. These days gaming computers are configured for high-resolution games and you can upgrade your PC to extend its life and install the latest gaming technology.
You do not have to play your games online when you use a laptop or a PC. All you need to do is download games to your hard drive and play them anytime. And, you can choose how to connect to the internet.
  • Gaming consoles like PS4

Gaming consoles like PS4 have their advantages and one is the cost. You can buy a good quality console that comes with a few games for a reasonable price. They are simple to use and you can start playing as soon as you get the console home and plug it in.
You can use them to join multiplayer games. Consoles come equipped with a network card making it a simple process to connect to the internet and join online multiplayer games. Playing from a console means you can relax on the couch while you play alone or with friends.
Games for consoles are usually quick to learn. You may need fast hand-eye coordination to win, but you will not have to spend hours figuring out how to play the games


  • Playing games on a mobile phone

Mobile gaming is the perfect way to while away some time. You can play games on your mobile phone when waiting for public transport or for a friend to turn up. Using your smartphone is convenient, you play games wherever you are at any time of the day or night.
There is a huge choice of games to play on your smartphone. They are easy to download and for a low cost you can try out a wide range of games. You can even play them offline. Just download the game and store it on your hard drive.
Games on smartphones entertain millions of people for hours across the world. They have become an everyday activity that stimulates your brain. Video games can help your memory, hand-eye coordination as well as improve decision-making. You only have a split second to make decisions when playing video games. Or, you can lose.

  • Use a movie projector for the ultimate gaming experience

Movie projectors have the latest technology that gives gamers an experience second to none. For a cinematic experience, especially when playing virtual reality games, get yourself a 1080p projector. It brings video games to life in your lounge room so you will feel like you stepped right into the game. Split the screen when playing multi-player games for a better gaming experience.
You do not need to set up a separate screen. All that is needed is a white wall. Some projectors even work on off-white walls too. Depending on the type of projector, you can get a huge display without the projector being a long way from the wall.
An HD projector does not use much space and you can pack it away when not in use. You do not need to find the space for that huge television that will dominate the room.

Projectors are popular for playing games

Using a movie projector to play video games is becoming popular. They have advantages over other gaming platforms and the technology is more advanced. Buying a good HD projector is a smart long-term investment when you spend a lot of time playing games in the comfort of your home. You can even take your projector to a friend’s house for a fun night in playing your favorite video games together.


A projector is the best way to completely immerse yourself in all the amazing virtual reality video games on the market. It gives you a full cinematic experience that brings your video games to life. Enjoy the experience a movie projector gives whether playing alone or with friends. With all these new trends in gaming media, there are so many platforms to play your video games on. Now you can choose which one suits you the best.