Top 10 Tips for Projector Care

by Iris Lin on September 13, 2018

Top 10 Tips for Projector Care

Your video projector is a delicate piece of equipment as well as a costly one. You need to take great care of it if it's to remain useful for long. With the right maintenance practices and proper handling, your projector can last its full lifespan. Follow these top care tips, and save yourself the stress of repairs or replacement.

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1. Keep it Clean Always

    Your video projector comes with air filters that are meant to allow in air. The air flow acts to keep temperatures low and prevent overheating. Should they become clogged, it could cause a meltdown of the projector's lamp or even a dangerous explosion. Keep the filters clean by checking them regularly and removing any dust or debris blocking the openings. 

    2. Ensure Adequate Ventilation

      During operation, your video projector generates a lot of heat. The heat is taken care of by the fan. Without continuous air flow, the fan would be rendered useless, and your projector would heat up to dangerous levels. 
      Should you decide to mount your projector permanently, make sure the flow of air is not affected. When placed on a surface, ensure there are no obstacles that may be blocking the entry of air. It doesn't matter if it's an LCD projector or an LED projector, both will suffer as a result of frequent switching on and off. 

      3. Allow to Cool

        Once you're through with using your projector, don't just shut it down immediately. Allow the fan to run a little longer. This is because projectors tend to get extremely hot, and stopping the fan before enough cooling has taken place would ruin the various components. Allow the fan more time and protect the projector from heat damage. 

        4. Wait Before Packing

          Even after you've let the fan bring down the temperature of your projector, don't pack it yet. The lamp is still hot which makes it prone to breakage. Allow adequate time for the lamp to cool off completely, or to a temperature at which it will not shatter when the projector is moved.

          5. Avoid Frequent On and Offs

            Switching your projector on and off may appear to be harmless, but it isn't. Doing so causes it to wear at a much faster rate. Its lifespan is significantly reduced, and it develops problems sooner than it should. Only switch it on when you're ready to use it. Also, switch it off when you're sure you won't need to use it until later. 

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            6. Keep Your Hands Off The Lamp

              Touching the lamp of your 1080P led video projector may leave an oily sweat mark on it. When the lamp heats up, the mark hardens into a blackish spot that causes some light to be blocked and the effect to be amplified on the screen. It may cause your 1080P picture quality to degrade. If the spot is large, it could even cause the lamp to break. So, never touch the lamp, whether cold or hot. Besides, a hot lamp would burn your hand severely. 

              7. Buy Quality Lamps

                Cheap lamps may seem to be cost-effective, but they aren't in the long run. You will end up replacing them more often, and spend more money than you would with a genuine lamp. Besides, cheap lamps may present compatibility issues, especially with 1080p projectors. To ensure longer life, purchase quality and original lamps that won't damage your projector or cause you unnecessary expenses. 

                8. Use the Econo Mode More

                  The Econo mode reduces the heat generated by your video projector. As a result, the components don't get damaged by excessive heat. It results in a longer life for your projector. Only use the projector's full brightness when necessary, such as when projecting in outdoor conditions. 
                  In any case, a Home Theater 1080P Projector will have fewer viewing problems in the various modes. Your LCD projector may require you to use brightness more than an LED projector; be sure to read the user manual guidelines, so you don't decrease picture sharpness.

                  9. Read the Projector's Manual

                    The manual that came with your projector contains directions on how to care or operate the gadget. Caring for an LCD projector is somewhat different from caring for an LED video projector. Using the wrong techniques or methods risks ruining the projector and shortening its lifespan. Always consult the specific manual to avoid maintenance and operation mistakes. 

                    10. Store It Safely

                    Poor storage risks reducing the life of your projector or even damaging it. Poor conditions such as damp places will gradually destroy the components, while inappropriate storage boxes may lead to breakage. 
                    Always store the projector in a cool and dry place. Use its original packaging for storage as well as transportation. The packaging is the safest to ensure no breakage occurs during transit. 


                    With these care tips, your video projector will remain in top condition. It will serve you for longer and will perform optimally all through. You will have saved yourself from incurring the losses of costly projector repairs or even buying a new one.
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