TV vs. Home Projector, which one will you choose?

by HX LEE on July 19, 2018

TV vs. Home Projector, which one will you choose?

The days of sitting in front of a small and blurry television set are long gone.  Technology has improved rapidly over the last decade and today, television sets and home projectors are of extraordinary quality.  Viewers expect quality and that means high resolution, picture perfection, and outstanding sound quality.  The only tricky thing may be choosing the right size television or home theatre projector, which depends on you and your needs.

And of course, you need to make the decision between a television set or a home theatre projector.

What do we know about home projectors

A home theatre projector today is very different from what a home theatre projector was a few years ago.  Home projectors have caught up with even the very best television sets and some say they have even taken over.  A good home projector offers excellent quality viewing, amazing color, sharpness, clarity, perfect brightness and excellent sound.  You need to look at the brand and the size of the projector you are keen on, to get cost ideas, but a high-end 4K UHD goes for around USD 1400.  Projectors are therefore cost-effective, compared to the same quality television set.  

Home projectors are also pretty easy to install but - not always!  It depends on your skill levels and you may, just like for a television set, need to get a professional to come and help you. Just like a television, find the right spot for it, find the right space on the wall for the projector screen - a bit blank wall is ideal - and settle in for movie night!  The projector screen can be permanently in place but does not have to be.  And you can choose the size of the projector screen that you want.

elephas projector

What about television sets

The majority of people who have home theatre systems have large television sets.  This has been a trend since technology in television design has become so high tech.  There are many benefits to a television set.  They are pretty easy to install, although some people may need to get a technician and/or electrician in.  If you buy a good television set you are going to get excellent quality, sound, brightness, and clarity.  Take a look at, and compare prices.  Remember, you are going to pay premium prices for high quality.  Some of the larger television sets are fragile and this should always be a consideration too.  Think carefully about where you are putting your home entertainment system and how safe it will be. 

Individual quality comparisons between a TV and a home projector.

If you are a film or television purist, you want the best.  Look at the size of the screen, the quality of the picture, the pixels, the definition, brightness, and contrast.  With a projector, there is the idea that a room needs to be darkened.  To be honest, with a television set you do need to draw the curtains if the sun is streaming in too.  If you want a projector where the brightness is better controlled, you are looking at a projector with higher luminance.  Projectors may have to work a little bit harder to reach the same level of brightness as a high definition television set; again this depends on your budget.  A projector screen is of good quality and specially designed with light and brightness in mind.

Are home projectors less expensive than television sets?

 A premium HD and premium 4K television sets are going to be more expensive than a home theatre projector.  You need to compare apples to apples though.  You can get a 4K home theatre projector that is very expensive.  If you want a big screen, good quality and you are on a budget, look at a home theatre projector.  If you want a big screen, good quality and the best possible contrast and brightness, look at a 4K HDR television set.  There is no harm, just by the way, on really researching the difference between the two, chatting to your salesperson and ask other people what their experience has been like.  If budget is an issue then you want to find the best possible home projector that is right for you.  There are many projectors on the market, DLP, 3-chip LCD, LCOS - that are definitely price competitive and quality competitive too.

Is a television set more convenient than a home projector?

This is interesting, because if you talk to people in the know,’ convenience is not so much of an issue.  Both home projectors and television sets are easy to buy, easy to assemble and easy to manage.  The trick is finding the television set or the home theatre projector that works for your needs.  Projectors are ultimately less expensive but not ultimately more convenience.  It’s fifty/ fifty, and to be honest, whichever system you choose to buy, there are always going to be wires and cables that you have to attach and plug in and manage.  If this makes you anxious, hire somebody to come and do it for you.

Which would you choose, Home Projector or Television?

If you want to go big, and most people choose to go big these days, your choice is between a television set or a home projector and a screen.  Don’t rush your decision.  Take a look at both options and importantly, take a look at your space.  You need to think about what you are going to be using your home theatre space for - is it just for you and the occasional movie - or is it going to be used a lot for family TV or movie night, friends, sports etc.  It depends also on your budget, so compare the prices of a TV set and a home theatre projector.   The good thing about a home projector is when you choose one you also get to choose the size of your home projector screen.


A home projector system and projector screen allow you to watch all the television and all the movies you want, on a large screen.  You can still have top quality with a theatre projector but you do not have to spend a small fortune.  You can watch your movies, sport or TV on a large screen, in complete and utter comfort, with fabulous clarity, quality, and sound. I used elephas home theater projector and enjoy big screen at home all the time!

Ready?  Get the popcorn right now!