What Would be the Best LED Projector?

by HX LEE on August 12, 2018

The humble projector has come a long way since they were first introduced to the world. There are lots of ways to categorize projectors these days, including their intended use, technology, throw distance, and even more. The best LED projector for you depends on what you need, so here are some things to consider when choosing an LED video projector.

What You Plan on Showing

Projectors are used to show video, data, photos, and games. What you plan on using the projector for has an impact on which kind of projector you need. Some are built to handle specific tasks, and generic ones might not be good at what you need. Projectors are typically sold as business/data projectors, home theatre and entertainment projectors, video projects, and gaming projectors. Video projectors are the most versatile because they display movies and images pretty well, so they should be considered. If you’re willing to pay a little more, you may be able to find an all-in-one projector that can handle anything you can throw at it.

But, the best projector should include the following factors:


Take the portability of the projector into consideration; both how portable it is and how portable you need it to be. You can find lots of different models with sizes and weights ranging from small and lightweight to large projectors that are only good for permanent installation. If you’re looking for a data projector for business meetings, a projector to take to your friends and host LAN parties, and home theatre projectors that need to be stowed away when not in use, you need a portable projector. If you’re after something small, then get a basic mini LED projector.


You should aim to match the native resolution of a projector to the resolution that you’ll be using the most; whether connecting the LED video projector to a computer, games console, video equipment, or a combination of the above. Projectors are able to scale images, but this causes a decrease in image quality. Also, consider the quality of the images being projected. High-quality images will require a high resolution LED projector. 1080p is perhaps the best choice for video projection. Check to see how well a projector handles different resolutions when choosing one.

If you’re planning on projecting images and games, you definitely want a widescreen LED projector. Native resolutions of up to 1080p are becoming more common by the day. Keep in mind that things created on a widescreen computer will look better when projected in widescreen.


There’s no definitive best brightness when it comes to projectors. Brighter isn’t necessarily better either. 1,000-1,2000 lumens should prove to be enough for a home theatre projector, while 2,000 lumens creates an image that’s too bright to see. On the other hand, a projector of up to 3,000 lumens is best for use in a well-lit room. How bright you want the projector to depend on both what the projector will be used for, and the room it will be used in. Even the material of the screen plays a role in how bright it should be. The good news is that the human eye isn’t able to detect subtle differences in brightness, so don’t worry about the difference a few hundred lumens could make.


The average LED video projector and mini LED projector comes with a VGA (analog) connection for computers and a composite video connector for video equipment at the very least. You may also want to invest in a projector with a digital connection if your computer has digital outputs. The connection method of choice for video sources is HDMI, followed by a component video. The latest projectors have Mobile High-Definition Links that allow you to connect to them from an Android phone and even charge them. Then there are wireless projectors. So think about what kind of connection you want to make, and how much you are willing to pay for it.


Not every projector comes with audio capability, and the audio can be useless in the ones that do; especially with portable projectors. If you’re looking for a projector that is able to play sounds, then you need to ensure that the audio quality is good and loud enough to suit your needs. Otherwise, invest in a separate sound system such as external speakers.

3D Support

The most cutting-edge feature of modern projectors is undoubtedly the ability to showcase images in 3D. More projectors are entering the market that claims to be 3D-capable. There are several different kinds of 3D projectors available, meaning you may have to do a little extra shopping to find one that matches your needs. You wouldn’t want to invest a lot of money in a 3D projector only to learn it isn’t compatible with your 3D image source.

led projector

If you’re looking for a general LED projector, then you shouldn’t have a problem. If you’re looking for something more specific, you should be able to find what you need. It can just take a little longer. Consider what you want out of your projector and what you plan on using it for. Click here to know more about ELEPHAS LED projector, maybe you can find what you need. This helps you choose the right LED projector for you. You may just need a mini LED projector for home movie, choose right LED video projector and get it home, you will enjoy your time all day night!