Want to find a 1080p theater projector with more functions? Here it is! Made specifically to cater to the demands of the 2018 market, we are using the latest advanced technology to upgrade our HD projector, this high-resolution projector features upgraded image brightness, making it brighter than other LED projector and LCD dlp projector on the market, which will give you higher experience. Not like outdoor projector, those short throw projector more likely use it at home because it is size, our led multimedia projectors not only can use for small office but can use light projector as a home theater.

Nowadays, more and more young people choose an affordable projector to replace TV at home, especially for a new house, They feel that the home theater projector can have more connections and hd video projector is convenient to use, overhead projector fixed at the top of the house, which saves space. Why not buying a digital video projector(3d projector)and screen, projector bulbs right now(most projector mounts are at the bottom)? Fix your movie gaming projector at home and use a part of the space to build a small theater. Connect it with a laptop, you can enjoy the cinema experience at home whenever 2D or 3D. Definitely become the best budget projector for you to pursue higher quality life.

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Goodee YG601 Updated LCD Home Theater 1080P Projector


ELEPHAS YG602 Brighter Home Video LED LCD Projector