Why No Video and Sound from the projector? 

  1. You need to buy another higher version HDMI cord from Amazon or your local market. The HDMI cord (come with the projector) may NOT compatible with your devices if no videos and sound. 
  2. The projector does NOT support Dolby Audio System, you need to choose "PCM" Digital Audio Output, switch off "Dolby sound system" when you use the HDMI cord.
  3. The projector only supports max up to 1080P does NOT support 2K, 4K, 3D video audio signal.
  4. VGA cable can NOT transmit audio signal, it needs External Speaker if you use VGA cable to connect the projector during watching videos.
  5. connect to your speakers.


Why No Video and Sound from the projector when connecting to the iPhone, iPad, MacBook?
You need to buy the special cord. We have test same special cord from Amazon, here is one of the cords to connect to Phone or Pad
Share Videos Images Docs Live Camera Musics from All Smart Devices to TV, Monitor or Projector
Thunderbolt Mini DisplayPort DP to HDMI Adapter Audio Video HDTV Cable Converter
Passive Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt 2) to VGA Adapter


How can I use the projector to watch TV?
If you want to watch TV via the projector, You need to use HDTV CONVERTER transfer the HDTV DIGITAL VIDEO SIGNAL to ANALOG SIGNAL, the projector receives analog signal, NOT receive the digital video signal.

If I received a defective projector, how can I get after-sales service?
If you receive a defective projector, please send us pictures and a short video to proof, we will resend you a new one.

Is it a noise when starting up?
It's not a noise, it is starting up system sound to ensure there is no problem with the projector audio system.

I just bought a projector very recently. I can't seem to watch Netflix on this. it just appears black when the movie is played. what do I need to do?
watch Netflix via a chrome cast device plugged into the hdmi port . Ensure that the chrome cast device is powered and you select the hdmi port on the projector using the input key. Be careful when selecting the input as the the change on the menu is slow to respond and it is easy to click past the hdmi choice in error. You can check the hdmi port by trying a dvd or sky box. connect it to smart DVD player so can watch Netflix anything that has HDMI will play but like the other response says make sure you choose the right source

How to connect with a smartphone?
If your phone is Android: please be sure your phone support MHL or not, then you need to purchase a micro usb to hdmi mhl cable.
If your phone is ios: please purchase a lighting-vga/hdmi adapter to use.