100" Inches 16:9 Simple Portable Projector Screen

  • $26.99

  1. Anti-Crease Material: With Selected Flexible Polyester Built, this projector screen offers the viewers with seamless, creaseless picture with smoothness.
  2. Easy-Installation: eyeholes and peel-and-stick hooks reserved at perfect position and size offer user-friendly installation, make plug-and-use instantly at hands.
  3. Room-saving: Light-weight Built with foldability and portability to always fit for any indoor and outdoor uses.
  4. Front & Rear Projection: This simple projector screen is designed with suitable thickness for not only front projection at home, but also rear projection at outdoor activities.
  5. Best Viewing Experience: 100 inches 16:9 projector screen brings the best viewing feast to the eyes.



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